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Permanent exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions


The Ralli Caesarea 1 Museum has several halls for permanent exhibitions, featuring paintings and sculptures of European artists. All the works are originals and they are part of the private collection of the Ralli Museums.

One of the halls is mostly dedicated to Salvador Dali. The museum owns a large and interesting collection of sculptures by Dali, and 40 of his works are on permanent display.

The Sculpture Patio boasts larger pieces of great artistic value by Latin-American and European artists (Rodin, Arman, André Masson).

Latin American artists have excelled in recent years for the uniqueness of their art, and thanks to talent and their ability to break the limits of traditional imagination and colors. An explosion of emotions, a social and political cry is expressed on the canvas, in the sculpture, in the characters, words and even in the music, literature and poetry that follow the same process. Latin American surrealism was affected by pre-Columbian culture and the Spanish conquest, but it also evidences the influence of French and European Impressionism.