11/11 The birth of a genius

On the occasion of the anniversary of Roberto Matta’s birth, which took place on 11/11/1911, the Ralli Museum in Marbella will celebrate his 106th birthday with activities and presentations dedicated to his figure and his work.

Thanks to the temporary exhibition "Matta. Between worlds", we will experience firsthand the work of the Chilean artist.


Complete program:

At 10:00 am: museum opens

From 11:11 to 11:50: 1st Workshop "Expe-ri-Menta", a different way of approaching the work of this peculiar artist. Activity suitable for all audiences.

From 12:00 to 12:30: Performance "Apio Verde Toujours"

Birthday celebration with "guests" as special as Pablo Neruda, Violeta Parra, Gabriela Mistral, Federico García Lorca and Roberto Matta himself, with the participation of Nathalie Soublette and Rodrigo Orrego.

From 13:30 to 14:15 hours: 2nd Workshop "Expe-ri-Menta"

At 15:00: Closing

In addition, there will be other presentations and free and uninterrupted activities to help us enjoy and better understand the work of Matta.