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About Us

The Ralli Museum in Santiago de Chile


Like the rest of the Ralli Museums, the Ralli Museum in Santiago is part of a private non-profit organization mainly dedicated to promoting awareness of the work of contemporary Latin American artists. Its aim is to attract public interest by the quality of its exhibits as well as the beauty of its buildings. In addition, visitors can see the works in complete privacy and thus form their own impressions. 

The Ralli Museum of Santiago, Chile, nestled in the exclusive commune of Vitacura, has a remarkable building and beautiful gardens.

This museum has 18 exhibition rooms that house a major collection of American art, unique in our country, with artists from Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Honduras, and Cuba, among others. It also has an interesting collection of artists such as Dali, Chagall and Calder, who impressed with their prints and sculptures, and a classic collection, comprising paintings dating between the XV and XVIII centuries.