3 Generations | Ralli Collection - March 2016 – March 2017

Ralli Museum Santiago, situated in the Vitacura municipality, boasts hundreds of works of art in its 16 halls. We have now selected a group of artists that represent our national art, grouping 29 Chilean painters and one sculptor in 3 generations to create our Chile Hall.

These three generations of artists had a variety of influences, the common denominators being the predominance of realism in their themes, the careful development of the figures, and the preference for classical forms of representation and composition.

The 1st generation is influenced by European art, by experimentation with figurative art and the influence of the vanguards. 1st generation artists: Nemesio Antúnez, Roser Bru, Mario Carreño, Gilda Hernández, Roberto Matta, Mario Toral, Hernán Meschi. 

The 2nd generation works break with foreign cultural patterns, thus reinforcing national identity. 2nd generation artists: Carmen Aldunate, Enrique Campuzano, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Patricio de la O, Irene Domínguez, Eva Lefever, Patricia Ossa, Hilda Rochna y Raúl Sotelo.

3rd generation art is characterized by the fantastic as well as by the representation of everyday activities. This generation has its own individual features and is less influenced by the past. 3rd generation artists: Carlos Ampuero, Alberto Aravena, Alejandro Arrepol, Ernesto Banderas, Óscar Barra, Héctor Calderón, Loreto Enríquez, Ignacio Gana, Iván Godoy, Mario Gómez, Andrés Monreal, María José Romero y Mario Sánchez.

We are proud to honor these three generations in the newly opened Chile Hall. With this exhibit, Ralli Museum Santiago offers a tribute to all Chilean artists.