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Rufino Tamayo and the New Argentine Figuration

This room encapsulates an overview of styles that offered an alternative to the “official art” of the period from the 1960s in Mexico and Argentina alike, as well as in Latin America as a whole and the international artistic scene.

The art of Latin America must be understood as an art of its own, and its evolution as a reflection of Latin American art per se which is related to the different situations in the countries that make up the continent, and not as a derivative of European and North American art. Its evolution, therefore, is also the reflection of a concern and a search for its own identity by artists.

The artists who are exponents of these proposals are united here by their use of colour and marks, as well as the predominance of matter and plastic experimentation. However, unlike North American and European informalism, his works never completely lose their references to the motif, to the message, mainly centred on the human figure, which is represented with an existential background that speaks of the philosophical concerns of human beings.

Artistic image of Rufino Tamayo