Moore-Dalí Hall

Graphic work by Henry Moore and sculptures by Salvador Dalí.

Bipersonal exhibition of engraving and sculpture Room 14.

August 2019



After several years of exhibition of the graphic work of the Russian-born French painter Marc Chagall (1887-1985), belonging to the Ralli Collection, Room 14 will house a new exhibition featuring 9 engravings by the most influential British sculptor of the second half of the twentieth century: Henry Moore (1898-1986) with 8 medium and large format bronze sculptures as well as a lithograph by the multidisciplinary Spanish artist Salvador Dalí (1904-1989). 


In this exhibition, Museo Ralli Santiago brings to light the graphic work on paper of the sculptor and his lesser known facet: that of draftsman and engraver with a selection of color lithographs, made by Moore and dated between 1972 and 1982. In them you can appreciate compositions where the human figure prevails, usually female nudes in various postures, standing and reclining, emotive maternity and sketches of sculptures represented through organic forms ranging from schematism to primitivism to abstraction and surrealism. These include "Figures with sky background II", "Five ideas for sculpture", "Seven sculpture ideas II", "Kneeling woman", "Mother & child", "Reclining woman on beach", among others .


On the other hand, Dalí with a very personal iconography and a particular worldview is considered one of the highest representatives of surrealism. Throughout his life, this painter, sculptor, engraver, set designer and Spanish writer exhibited all the intimate circumstances of his life and his thought provocatively. With the help of scientific discoveries of his time, he explored and expanded the limits of consciousness and of sensory-cognitive experience. His works include, among others, “Alice in Wonderland”, 1977; "Elephant de l'espace", 1980; "Femme en flamme", 1984; "Hommage to Terpsicore", 1984; "Hallucinogene Toreador", 1977; "Unicorn", 1984; "Venus a la tete de roses", 1984 and "Venus spatiale", 1980.