Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition - Exhibition decreased


The permanent exhibition is composed of the most outstanding works of contemporary Latin American artists. There is a strong presence of prominent Argentinian authors like Alicia Carletti, Carlos Carmona, Jorge Ortigueira, Víctor Quiroga, Antonio Seguí, Julio Silva and Carlos Alonso. The exhibition is complemented by representatives of other countries, including Wilfredo Lam (Cuba), Herman Braun-Vega (Perú), Andres Monreal (Chile) or Carmelo Niño (Venezuela), to name just a few. 

Sculptures of Mario Aguirre (Mexico), Víctor Quiroga (Argentina), Salvador Dalí (Spain) or Eduardo Soriano (Spain) fill the halls and accompany the visitor along  this artistic journey.

Works of both European and international authors, like Miró, Dalí or Giorgio de Chirico, round off the exhibition. 
These exhibition halls include an important display of contemporary art, with a remarkable presence of surrealist artists and paintings, showing the excellent taste of the founder and his predilection for this movement.