TEMPORARY EXHIBITION “Matta. Immersed in his worlds”

Temporary Exhibition “Matta. Immersed in his worlds”

Roberto Matta is one of the most influential international artists in the culture of the 20thand 21st Centuries. He joined the Surrealists in Paris in 1938, and contributed greatly to the renewal of the movement. His works stem from surrealism and have a strong metaphysical component. Known mainly for his pictorial works and contributions to movements like Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism, Matta worked with different artistic techniques and became involved in an endless list of proposals and movements, both in Europe and America.

In this exhibition, we shall see the engraver facet of this artist. “Hom’mère”, “Carné Amont”, “L’Arc Obscur des Heures”, “La Araucana” and “Verbo América” are some of the series included in it. There are thirty-one engravings in total accompanied by an oil painting of the artist, thanks to which we will be able to see first-hand the relations between the pictorial work of Matta and its graphical aspect.

With the projection of the documentary “Matta, un siglo d’mente”, Directed by Pablo Basulto (2000) - Puntociego Production, Chile.

JUNE 3, 2017 - APRIL 27, 2019