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Permanent Collection - Latin American Art

Permanent Collection | Latin American Art

The Exhibition of the Permanent Collection of Latin American Art is composed of the works of contemporary artists from different countries creating a very rich vision of the artistic panorama of the Ibero-American continent. Among them we can highlight the Argentinian Alicia Carletti, Carlos Carmona, Jorge Ortigueira, Victor Quiroga, Antonio Segui, Julio Silva and Carlos Alonso; the Cuban Wifredo Lam; the Peruvian Herman Braun-Vega; the Chilean Andres Monreal or the Venezuelan Carmelo Nino.

It is characterised by the presence of Surrealist works, a movement that was embraced strongly in the Latin American continent. Leading personalities of this movement in the New Continent are included, such as the already mentioned Wifredo Lam, the Chilean Roberto Matta and Rodolfo Opazo; the Peruvian Carlos Revilla, Gerardo Chavez and Luis Sifuentes; and the Uruguayan Luis Solari, among others.

Sculptures made by the Mexican Mario Aguirre and Gerardo Quiroz populate the halls.