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Brasil - 1950


Adelio Sarro discovered the pleasure of drawing as a young boy. He grew up on a farm in the Andarina region of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and, despite serious economic difficulties, his family always encouraged his artistic inclinations. 

This did not prevent the family from moving several times in pursue of a brighter future; his brushes went along keeping him company during these hard times.

Of a shy nature he often found a world of his own in his drawings. As a young man he enjoyed carpentry, worked in marble cutting and helped his father in the job. 

A visit to the Workshop-Museum of renowned Brazilian artist Cándido Portinari (1903-1962) in 1972, in his native town, reaffirmed his vocation. Shortly after this visit he started displaying his works at the Republic Square in Sao Paulo, to be followed by more displays and exhibitions. 

Today his works are displayed in individual exhibits, galleries, cultural centers not only in Brazil but also in Germany, Australia, Russia, among others. 

His work features striking colours --with a clear emphasis in the use of blue, pink and red--, depicting life in the countryside, farmers with big hands and feet, oftentimes with furrowed faces, barefoot characters standing next to animals and musical instruments, portraying a unique, magical world where social problems are intertwined with emotion and happiness.