Collective Painting Exhibition

Collective Painting Exhibition

Room 17


In the framework of our 25th anniversary, the museum unveils a new exhibition space on the second floor, 160 square meters distributed in 2 new halls, highlighting the great cultural heritage of the Harry Recanati Foundation - created by Mr. Harry Recanati and his wife Martine. One of these halls houses the reincorporation of the classic art hall. With this new space Ralli Museum will be able to exhibit more than 400 works simultaneously, more comfortably accommodate a greater number of works of the Ralli collection and make it possible for a greater number of people to enjoy the works that make up this important collection of Latin American and European art.

In this hall we exhibit works from an era of great flourishing of the post-impressionist art of Western Europe and the Renaissance period, corresponding to the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries, composed of Italian and German artists.

Among the selected works, stand out those of Marc Baets (1700-1749); Giacomo Cipper (1664-1738); Giovanni DalSole (1654-1719); Jacob de Heusch (1656-1701); Frans de Paula (1689-1740); Jan Josef Horemans (1682-1752); Carle Van Loo (1705-1765) and Francesco Zucarelli (1702-1788).

One of the purposes of the Ralli Museum is to encourage direct contact between the public and the works, which is why there are no guided tours. You can take pictures and video (without flash) with total freedom.