Kinetic and Geometric Art- Under The Optics

Kinetic and Geometric Art- Under The Optics

Collective exhibition of paintings, engravings and sculptures | Room 18


At present, the Ralli Santiago Museum houses hundreds of works, and on this occasion it celebrates its 25th anniversary with an exhibition that pays homage to the trajectory of national and international geometric and kinetic artists.

Museo Ralli has expanded its facilities to incorporate new halls and strengthen the position of the museum in the artistic and cultural landscape of the country, and we are proud to present in this new space the collective exhibition of paintings and engravings "Cinetism and Geometry, from the perspective of the Ralli Collection", acquired in Chile. In this way Ralli Museum extends the curatorial line that structures the Ralli collection created by Mr. Harry Recanati and his wife Martine. Today, Hall 18 joins the other 16 that the museum has had since its founding date in 1992.

The existence of kinetic and geometric works in the collection allowed us to expand our horizons and integrate these currents to the surrealist and figurative tendency that has characterized the Ralli Museums.

Among the participating artists, Victor Vasarely (1908-1990, Hungary), Yaacov Agam (1928, Israel), Matilde Pérez (1916-2014, Chile), Julio Le Parc (1928, Argentina), Horacio García Rossi (1929-2012), Marina Apollonio (1940, Italy); Carmen Piemonte (1930, Chile), Omar Rayo (1928-2010, Colombia) and Liliana Iturriaga (1965, Chile).